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Some of the stuff i find interesting


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Annelise_Blekhander/Heidi_Vit application by Dolbsha
Annelise_Blekhander/Heidi_Vit application
 Name: Annelise Blekhander (Left) / Heidi Vit (Right)

Familiar: Wisp (Ethereal) 

Gender: Female

 5ft 10in or 178cm

Age: 47

Job: Hunter/ Herbalist (cover)

Town: She is posted in Tears Port

Weapon: Mancatcher 

Level: level 1

Elements: Light


~Glamour-A disguise spell that that makes the caster appear to be someone else without concentration. It is a hard spell to cast and is not something often cast in the heat of battle.

~Light Dash- A momentary burst of extreme speed allowing the user to move faster than a human eye can track for a brief period of time.

~Blinding Flash- A spell that Blinds enemies with a blinding flash of light.

Light, running, dresses, sound of metal clinking, sound of waves, Blue, beer battered fish, fresh bread, Mint, Cinnamon  

catcalls, criminals, monsters, white, texture of wood, shrimp, drunks


    Annelise is blunt, she has no time to beat around the bush or lie, she is direct and fast, but she is also reserved, she does not like to jump into things right away using illusion to hide her true nature. She also does not care for conversation while working. While disguised as Heidi he is sweet and kind, Heidi is social and gentle, she acts in a manner to get close and not seem suspicious so she can gather information.


    Annelise heralds from a family known as the Blekhanders, or Pale Hands. Her family is bred albino, this trait distinguishes them as part of the family and supplied a "blank canvas" for the special glamour spell of the family. Without a natural dominant skin tone or hair color the glamour is flawless, using this ability the clan integrates itself into communities and go about daily life bearing a ruse to blend in and fulfill a role that keeps them in the social loop. This is important as Blekhanders serve as a hunting organization servicing contracts and locating people and monsters. Blekhanders are often hired to locate criminals and danger to towns, they are usually brought in to capture and not kill their prey so they learn to be proficient at disabling and pinning targets in short blinding attacks. Blekhanders sometimes work in unison with other witches to assist in the capture and killing of monster, but due to family code any missions on witches are capture missions, that family refuses to work as assassins. 

    Annelise grew up with her family in a special estate that the family used to train. She was raised to be a hunter like all other members of her family were. To use their light magic all members bear a lantern to use as a light source in times of darkness, Annelise poseses a rare familiar of a wisp, its natural light giving properties helped Annelise practice her families glamour spell allowing her to familiarize herself with the basics at a younger age and master its casting in her mid twenties she. still a complex spell not often cast in her inexperienced youth, but she would not fail its casting. After this she began to focus on her studies to integrate into society, learning to mimic accents and the basics of herbalism for her cover identity. at the young age of 30 she completed the training needed for becoming a basic hunter. She then spent the next 17 years traveling from family member to family member, taking up basic jobs and learning from her predecessors. she also spent time as hr alternate persona Heidi, a fiery redhead who she had learn herbalism and take up work in shops, developing a past for the character she would play.    

    Annelise took many jobs, capturing small criminals ad weak monsters, but she was always fond of her job by the sea.Sh loved the sound of the waves ad the sunsets as well. when she was given the chance to choose her posting Annelise chose to settle in Tears Port playing the role of Heidi Vit, a young herbalist who moved in from the woods, she had a simple life set up, she would supply traders with herbs and spices that she would grow or find for them in exchange for some coin. she would also extract plant oils to sell, her favorite mint lingers on her. Of course he still get jobs and goes out on missions. If she sees a crime she will usually track down the perpetrator and capture them. from time to time Annelise will wander the town in her normal form to encourage criminals to not act. and to allow other witches to know of her presence in town and seek out her employ or seek to challenge.  

Additional Info: 

~Annelise's wisp can move through solid matter, but at a slowed rate.

~Heidi's Home is at the edge of town with a hidden basement for Annelise's things.

~Heidi claims to have a fawn for a familiar.

~The Wisp is named Lykta.

~Blekhander family members visit from time to time under the ruse of Heidi's family. 

~Annelise has a crest from Offlet on her outfits in memorial of the witch artist who helped them create their glamour spell.
Lil' Collin by Dolbsha
Lil' Collin
Youth, it is very often said it is wasted on the young, many say that they didn't wast it, but you never shake the feeling you could have done more. 
For Rosanna she felt her creations were to fleeting, to short lived, only two ha normal aging progress, the others were all accelerated at om point, this meant that the lives of her "children" were to be cut short. She felt her  creations should live longer, so she introduced a drug to Collin, a chemical designed to lengthen his life by slowing the body and possibly regressing it. Sadly without other testing the drug worked to well, pushing Collin back to his actual age in physical appearance. he was short and not yet into puberty full force yet. Hi sister Vivi found him all to cur in his current state, he took him in and had fun with him, taking him on girl time trips and giving him a makeover since she had not experienced it. Collin could not resist his sister, seeing in her the same interest in living life to the fullest. He even tagged along out into the woods with Vivi to play in the trees while she worked on her magic. 
Well since the last set or requests went over so well i think i will do more, I already have the first 2 of the 10 i will be doing so act fast to get on the list, and those of you that were on here before feel free to ask again but you might be turned down, and this time jut to avoid this i would prefer to draw OCs i dont like drawing already created characters that have entire groups devoted to their fan art.

Again im gonna ask, should i submit my Minecraft works here?

1.) Mechapuff… :iconppgrainbow: DONE…

2.) Vyse… :iconslugdragon: DONE…

3.) Lucille… :iconrabbitroses: DONE…

4.) Chibis… :iconsnowkunchan: DONE…

5.) Lana… :iconteamtakagi: DONE…

6.) Haley and Florent :iconnerdnations: DONE…




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Art, why do i do it? because its fun and a good way to get ideas out without looking like i am crazy. why do i draw? because it is fun to see my characters come to life by my hand even if it looks bad. why do i take pictures? so that you can see things that i see and hopefully grasp what i see the world as.

as for any other questions you have just ask, and if you want to rp that is fine i am open to it any time.

Current Residence: Minnesota
Favourite genre of music: some of each
Favourite photographer: Jitka Hanzlova
Favourite style of art: Nature Photography
Operating System: Old as shit
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: sea shell?
Wallpaper of choice: The Yellow Wallpaper
Skin of choice: mine
Favourite cartoon character: Felix the cat, shaggy, scooby doo, Garfild, Odie, Calvin, Hobbes
Personal Quote: it snows every year but were still amazed to see it

Should i offer critiques for people? 

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