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Some of the stuff i find interesting


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Collin Magic Assignment 2 by Dolbsha
Collin Magic Assignment 2
reading his syllabus Collin was dreading his second assignment, he was not a fighter, he had no idea how he was going to even fight another student with wind, he was completely out of his element, Hell magic was barely in his grasp as something he could even do.
As he paced in a circle in the student lounge he looked over and spotted a bunch of games that had been left out by the other students and decide to try and play one to take his mind off his class. As he approach he saw a game cartridge laying out on the ground and he read it's colorful title, "Balloon Fight". 
It was a that moment that Collin was struck by inspiration, without another word he left the student lounge an ran to town to do some shopping.
Collin was prepare for his fight when he was led to the clearing with the other students. As he was paired off and given his instructions to fight Collin decided to take matters into his own hands and activate his magics. Instantly there large red balloons burst from his backpack an inflated with Collin's wind magic. In a matter of moments Collin was lifted from the ground and he began to fly off.

What transpired was everything Collin had dreamed of, the wind whipping across his face, the wind under his arms and filling his lungs as Collin began to laugh with glee. He was flying, for the first tie in his life Colin was flying, he was as free as he could have ever wished to be, Collin could not have dreamed of this moment happening as he flew off over the woods and returned to the school. He did not care if he had not fought, fighting was not something he wanted to do, so instead he flew away and lived one of his biggest dreams.
Vivi Dance Fail 1 by Dolbsha
Vivi Dance Fail 1
Despite all of her advanced physical prowess and amazing skill of agility she could never get own dance. As sh trained and trained she watched as her elder brother Collin flawlessly performed the acts of dace an the graceful movements he performed, but Vivi never could get them own just right and always end up managing to fall flat on her butt. It was at this tie that Vivi decide o give up on hr dancing and pursue her scientific desires, to make the most advanced and sentient plant beings ever known.

It was a this time obsess in her studies that her best friend, Hana left a returned to her own world, it was saddening, to see the student who she had spent so much time with, becoming friends with suddenly have to leave. Vivi thought she would be fine at first, but she was not, alone in hr dorm room she began to realized just how lonely it was there by herself, ad her projects did nothing to brighten her mood. It was depressing, she had o one to really chat with, no really close friends to confide in, and her projects just made her angry to the point of lashing out at her own brother.

After two weeks Vivi was sitting in Hana's bed, the few things her friend had left behind surrounding her, she looked into a mirror Hana had lost a month ago and looked at herself, her flower closed up and dormant, her hair messy and wild, it was in this moment that she realized, she had to stop this, her life was going backwards, she was becoming hr mother and she i not want that. With tears in her eyes Vivi set about righting her life.

Vivi started by throwing out her experiments, disposing of her obsessive work, cutting her messy hair and brushing it until it looked presentable. From tere she went to h class, practice over and over, got the costume she needed ad went on to perform her dance as she had been required b the class an...she failed spectacularly, Vivi just could not pull off the complex dance moves, always missing her steps of putting too much force into a move and falling onto her behind. But at lest she was back in the school, and giving things her all again.
Collin Magic Assignment 1 by Dolbsha
Collin Magic Assignment 1
Collin O. Wearing's First magic Class Assignment. For Brookview Academy.     :iconbrookview-academy:


I was a warm sunny afternoon as Collin walked around town, he had been told to try and get in touch with his element for magic class. Collin smiled an shook his head as he thought back to the assignment, it was not like he was in tune with magic like his sister, he was just not that talented. With a sigh he continued to walk along, a cool breeze rushed along his cheeks and he looked up at the lamp posts lining the lot he was walking long. He has been told to try and get in touch with an element that connected with him, looking to the sky Collin let out  soft chuckle. "Eh, it wouldn't hurt to give it  try."

taking out a sheet of paper Collin folded a paper airplane and gently creased the wings before he took the plane in his left hand a began to focus. Looking to the sky Collin close his eyes and concentrated on the wind, he took deep breaths and repeated what he had been told to do in class, trying to gather his energy to crate a basic spell. Not even looking to make sure he ha one anything Collin strode forward, one step, two, thee, He leapt up onto the lamp post, his right arm catching it as he braced his feat against the post and threw his left arm out in front of him releasing the plane into the air.

Collin smiled widely as he watch a green ribbon of ethereal light trailed along with his hand and then burst out like confetti from a party popper, the burst of energy drew a massive gust of wind, sending the tiny paper airplane sailing through the air on the magical breeze. Collin watched and soon began to laugh happily as he spun himself around the pole, he had done it, he had used magic!


Name: Collin O. Waring

Prior Experience: Well my sister Vivi took Magic Class before me, and she seemed to really like it. 

Favorite Color: Hmmm, well I really like Blue...or is it Teal...Whatever color my shoes are is the color I like. That and the Reddish color my tie is. 

Preferred Element: Well now that I have done it, I want to use Wind, or Air, it is just so free and flowing, it is a feeling that I really like and I can relate and use pretty well.
Well since the last set or requests went over so well i think i will do more, I already have the first 2 of the 10 i will be doing so act fast to get on the list, and those of you that were on here before feel free to ask again but you might be turned down, and this time jut to avoid this i would prefer to draw OCs i dont like drawing already created characters that have entire groups devoted to their fan art.

Again im gonna ask, should i submit my Minecraft works here?

1.) Mechapuff… :iconppgrainbow: DONE…

2.) Vyse… :iconslugdragon: DONE…

3.) Lucille… :iconbunnie-mo: DONE…

4.) Chibis… :iconsnowkunchan: DONE…

5.) Lana… :iconteamtakagi: DONE…

6.) Haley and Florent :iconnerdnations: DONE…




  • Mood: Distracted
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  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Root Beer



Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Art, why do i do it? because its fun and a good way to get ideas out without looking like i am crazy. why do i draw? because it is fun to see my characters come to life by my hand even if it looks bad. why do i take pictures? so that you can see things that i see and hopefully grasp what i see the world as.

as for any other questions you have just ask, and if you want to rp that is fine i am open to it any time.

Current Residence: Minnesota
Favourite genre of music: some of each
Favourite photographer: Jitka Hanzlova
Favourite style of art: Nature Photography
Operating System: Old as shit
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: sea shell?
Wallpaper of choice: The Yellow Wallpaper
Skin of choice: mine
Favourite cartoon character: Felix the cat, shaggy, scooby doo, Garfild, Odie, Calvin, Hobbes
Personal Quote: it snows every year but were still amazed to see it

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